About Us

Keep Children Safe Online (CIC Reg. 09246643) is a non-profit organisation working in local communities to provide support and guidance on keeping Children Safe Online. Unlike any other Organisation, KCSO works directly with the Children educating and teaching them in a practical way about Keeping Safe Online. KCSO’s unique "Interactive Education Platform" utilises Award Winning Technology to help Children from 4yrs learn practically the Rules of the Internet Jungle!


KCSO’s 'Interactive Education Platform' promotes sustainable learning for Children through fun and play. The Platform is totally safe and contains the following:

  • 'MonkeyChat' - the World's first, totally safe, Social Network for Young Children.
  • Safety Quizzes and Games that help Children learn about Internet Safety while they Play.
  • Information and Guidance to help safeguard Children, and develop Skills and Good Practice.

KCSO's Internet Safety Community Workshops

KCSO Volunteers, Supporters and local Businesses work hard to raise awareness and funds that can be used to deliver the Community Workshops in their area teaching Children about the ‘Rules of the Internet Jungle’. KCSO works directly with Schools, Children’s Organisations, the Police and others. Utilising its Interactive Education Platform and Professional Trainers, each Community Workshop guides Children, step by step, in how to safely navigate the Internet Jungle whilst having fun. Each Workshop facilitates a measurable increase in a Child’s knowledge and ability to navigate the Internet Jungle.

KCSO's Resources

KCSO offers many Resources to Parents and Teachers including providing Support to Local Community Police and Public Bodies. Specifically:

  • A variety of 'Resource Packs' to local Schools, Parents and Groups covering several subjects including Cyberbullying, Phishing, Trolling, Sexting etc.
  • Useful 'Links' to Regulated Bodies and Associations, Government Sites and Charitable Websites providing other relevant Information.