About Us

Keep Children Safe Online is a non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC Reg. 09246643) that uses a variety of active and interactive ways to provide support and guidance on keeping Children safe on line. Unlike any other Organisation, KCSO helps Children learn how to be safe on line in a very practical way via its innovative and unique "Interactive Platform' and Resources". KCSO also works at a grass roots level delivering Workshops with Schools and other Organisations across the UK.

KCSO's Interactive Platform

The 'Interactive Platform' contains:
  • 'MonkeyChat' - the World's first, totally safe, Social Network for Children.
  • Quizzes and Games - to help Children learn about Internet Safety while they Play.
  • Quizzes and Games - to help Children prevent 'Cyberbullying' when online.

KCSO's Resources

Resources include:
  • A variety of 'Resource Packs' to local Schools and Groups covering several subjects to include Cyberbullying, Phishing, Trolling, Sexting etc.
  • Useful 'Links' to Regulated Bodies and Associations, Government Sites and Charitable Websites providing other relevant Information.

KCSO's Community Workshops

KCSO undertakes a wide variety of ‘Workshops’ regarding Online Safety and Cyberbullying. KCSO works directly with Schools, Children’s Organisations, the Police and others. Utilising our Interactive Platform, the Workshops can guide Children step by step in helping them understand how to safely social network. The Workshop also helps them understand the many dangers while at the same time appreciating the fun way to open communication globally while staying safe.