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Monkey Chat the new social media for kids

Monkey Chat is an inbuilt safe social media for kids which allows one user to talk to another user in total safety. This is done via a chat with pre-set questions and answers which allows no free writing. This not only enhances social inclusion and teaches online safety but it is also providing your children with the correct skills that are needed to communicate safely and securely online.

Safe Social Media for kids

This prepares them for their future on social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter. As well as being a totally safe environment for all children it is also ideal for SEN (Special Education Needs) as no keyboard is required and therefore it doesn’t leave users open to unwanted attention or grooming.

Social media upgrades

In the future we aim to progress by adding a variety of social media upgrades such as languages, so not only are your children chatting in total security, learning about online safety and being shown how to securely communicate via social media, but Monkey Chat will also promote language learning as all our questions and answers will be accurately translated into a number of different languages using our patented translation tool.

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