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Monkey Chat - Totally Safe Social Media for Young Children

Monkey Chat is an inbuilt safe social media platform for young Children allowing one user to talk to another, in total safety. Utilising Award Winning Technology, young Children can chat online from a wide range of topics using 1000s of pre-set questions and answers, no keyboard is required. All images used are via Monkey Chat Libraries, therefore, protecting Children and teaching them what is safe to share online.

Monkey Chat – for Children with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities)

Monkey Chat is ideal for Children with both physical and learning disabilities as no keyboard is required. Communication is easy and new friendships can be made in a totally safe walled garden. Monkey Chat promotes self esteem and confidence for Children at home and in the classroom.

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By joining Monkey Chat, Children will enjoy the experience and Parents can now sit back and relax knowing that their Children are safe.

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To contact us in your local area, please email us on:

Schools Coordinator amanda@keepchildrensafeonline.com

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