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When do you need to change your passwords?

A. At least every 3 months
B. Every Year
C. Monthly
D. If it is no longer a secret

Which are the best 2 passwords?

B. B@nAnA2#2
C. MyLTtlEPoNy
D. El#ph@nt2015

What do you need to make your password hard to guess?

A. I don't need to make them hard to guess
B. Have a mixture of big letters, numbers and symbols
C. Be up to 4 characters long
D. Make my password my pets name

When should you tell an adult about someone online?

A. When you chat to a school friend
B. I should never tell an adult
C. If someone you don't know upsets or frightens you
D. If someone online promises you treats

If someone upsets or frightens you online you...

A. Ignore it
B. Tell an adult you trust
C. keep it a secret
D. Tell a friend you trust

What is not okay to post online?

A. Invites to special occasions
B. Pictures to show where you live
C. Pictures of a celebrity
D. Where you go to school

If you know someone is being bullied online you...

A. Ignore them
B. Threaten the bully back
C. Tell an adult you trust
D. You bully them as well

If someone bullies you online you...

A. Tell your friends
B. Say horrible things back
C. Don't react
D. Tell an adult you trust

What is online hacking?

A. When someone goes into your account without your permission
B. Sending a message from your account without permission
C. When someone chops a tree down

D. When someone is trying to guess your password